Lifeworks Technology Group LLC
Expanding on the iPhone Phenomenon
  • Vice President Owner

    Amin Adjmi

  • Vice President Partner

    Solomon Fallas

  • Vice President Sales and Production

    Max Namer

Finding the ideal shape for the new stone portable charger design.

Eddie Mizrahi’s children range in age from 25 to 10. “My oldest daughter grew up with Barbie dolls but my youngest wants technology,” he says to make a point. “This is what the world has become in a short amount of time.”

It’s also one big reason why Lifeworks, the company Eddie heads and co-founded with Amin Adjmi, has achieved great success in the computer accessories business, developing products for some of the most successful companies in the world. And there’s none bigger than Apple, with which Lifeworks has a licensing agreement.


Fiercely tied to its “Live. Work. Play.” philosophy, Lifeworks offers a product portfolio that focuses on a range of accessories that are aligned with culture-changing products like the iPhone and iPod—designed to fit the lifestyles of, well, everyone, from the computer savvy to the everyday user.

It was important for us to have a middle-market lender that believed in our vision and understood our passion. IDB not only fit the bill, but they made a flawless transition when we selected them.”
The design team is constantly in development
to get their forward-thinking concepts in
market before competitors.

“We’re committed to delivering the most innovative desktop and mobile solutions that consumers are demanding today,” Eddie says. Lifeworks produces everything from mice and multimedia keyboards to speakers, headsets and webcams, to portable USB hubs, to enhance the capabilities of computers and phones.

By fusing the superior capabilities of Lifeworks’ technology with the ubiquitous iPhone, for example, “consumers are easily weaving the various technological components into their day-to-day lives,” Amin explains. “When the iPhone came out, we brought fresh new products to the market that people loved.”

We excel at being first to market, but it puts a lot of pressure on our entire supply chain to deliver,” Eddie says. “I think we’re successful because we’re a blend of old school and new school,” he adds. “We’re young and tech savvy, but we also have an old-school work ethic—we’re willing to do whatever it takes to be competitive in this very dynamic market, and you’ll see it with our Apple Watch accessories.”

As Vice President and partner Solomon Fallas puts it, “We are the customer; we are the demographic for our products, and we love technology. We have a passion for the products we make because we want to use them.”

These days, in fact, many of these accessories have become fashion statements and major impulse buys because of exciting new designs, colors and tech upgrades after the original product has been purchased. “People express themselves with the technology they use, and we stay right with them even as their tastes change,” says Max Namer, Vice President, Sales & Production. “We bring fun and color to market.” It’s a huge challenge for the company to stay ahead of these trends and to be first to market to satisfy quickly evolving expectations. The highly anticipated Apple Watch is a perfect example.

A commitment to charitable initiatives is also an integral part of Lifeworks’ corporate philosophy. In its early days, for example, Lifeworks began a strategic partnership with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Foundation by producing a special edition product line in the Foundation’s signature pink color. One dollar was donated to the Foundation for every product sold, with a minimum donation of $100,000. It’s called doing good by doing well.

Given our explosive growth, they make time for us, they nurture us and they understand our business model, especially when we need to explore new opportunities. We love the relationship.”

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